T. Rajendiran.

As an educationalist, through out the last 25 years, was involved in designing and constructing of many schools and hostels, which were well received by the people of Vellore. Few years back, read an article on ‘Biophilic Design’, an innovative way of designing places where welive, work and learn. It is a concept used to increase the occupant connectivity to the natural environment, using direct nature, in direct nature, space and place conditions. With this concept in mind, together with a team of youngarchitects, Springdays CBSE School wasbuilt, at Eraivankadu,in the last 2 years with 1,50,000 sqft of constructed area for 1900 students only. Every classroom is designed to have connectivity to the natural greenery & lighting and created an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

The city of Vellore is seeing a lot of commercial developmentin the recent few years. This is leaving the city without proper road facilities or maintenance. Senior citizens do not find it conducive to have peaceful morning walks in the roads of Vellore, any more. Peaceful and clean residential areas are becoming commercial. This encouraged me to develop an exclusive, gated community project right next to Springdays. With this project, ‘SPRINGFIELDS’, myvision is to create a beautiful, living community that follows the biophilic concept of living.